Anmol Wadhwa


I am building FOUNDATION for the FUTURE in the form of ALGOCS.
I have started with an intent to support others in developing consistency in learning, by providing everybody with equal opportunities and bridging the gap between Tier-1 & Tier-3 colleges.

It all started on a Saturday of Summer'21 where I saw myself getting confused for what to do whether to join a gfg course, cn course or learn from youtube through apni kaksha or code with harry.

Then I contacted my friends, what I got to know was that we were all in the same boat.

I started my research for what's the most important thing to learn for CS grads. I surfed on the web through 100s of sites, YouTube videos and then I contacted seniors at IITs and started to connect with professionals in the field.

And to my amuse they all pointed to 2 things.
1. DSA & CP
2. Development

I had CS during my class 11th-12th so atleast I was clear with class basics. Then I thought of others who didn't, they were at worse. Then I recalled that how my batchmates themselves struggled in learning basics of C/C++. The best part is that I already understood those conecpts. So I first started with my own college then contacted my class 12th friends and like this I covered IITD, DTU, NSUT & IIITD. Somehow I was in the Whatsapp groups of BITS Pilani, MAIT, IITB, IITK and I shared the idea with them of teaching. They were all in favor of it.

That's how it all Started, it's like a DREAM. I never thought of having the website. I never thought of teaching myself on Google Meet. All this happened by chance and I never thought that you would read this.